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Light Bearers, & Activating the Water Grids.

Dearest we are protected for reasons that you cannot fathom with your human mind, but we feel your readiness to receive this information. The Akashic template of an awakening planet is what we hold. We were designed by beings of the stars to be loved and adored by humans, but to stay out of the way, and in order for humans to exercise their free will, they placed us in the water. You see we came with the water from the stars. And because we travel through the waters, we carry the awakening template where awakening is needed, you see the crystalline grid of the earth is also magnified in the ocean.

We know what is needed and where, and this is what our songs communicate. Yes we need togetherness and bonding, partnership, mateship and love. We also have our tribes, our soul groups, but our songs are not just to find each other. You will find upon studying our songs that different parts of the world have different songs. And humans will say that songs are particular to whales of that region, and we say it is far deeper than that. Each song is an activation that with it bring sonic activity to awaken lay lines, crystalline energy and grids unique to that place.

Dearest heart you have been to Moorea, and you have heard us, and that area is awakening and ringing with the remembrance of Lemuria, and also the remembrance of Mother Gaia and the intention she holds for that area. And many people have been there, have been activated and have carried that light throughout different parts of the world, back to their homes and land.

Dearest the place you call Hervey Bay needs awakening now, as the cluster of souls that gather in retreat there have formed an intention to do so long, long ago. So my dearest heart now you see why this retreat formed easily. It is the retreat that is providing the glue, the pinning together for these women to remember, re-awaken, and then spread this word and this light to your land where it is needed.

Each light worker is tasked with a specific role, and it is wise to remember this. Often they don’t know what it is and sometimes to carry the light is enough. And this alone is huge. It requires so much effort to be a light bearer. To carry this light and allow yourself to shine through all circumstances. The lessons here are that it is okay, more than okay to carry, hold and shine the light without a specific title or an important role.

Indeed there are those who shine and show themselves at a different level but this is not for everyone and this is okay, it doesn’t mean they are better, higher, or hold more light than any other. It just means that the choice they made when choosing to become physical again was different. Dearest if we all did it there would be no variety. We say to you that it really takes all types and this is because energy cannot be contained and can be reached and accessed from many different points. But it is so large that it needs to be held by many different kinds of vessels. So if all were the same, we would not be able to carry or hold that energy, there will be much energy escaped and untouched – wasted – and in an awakening world every little bit really matters.

Image "Curious Baby" by Diane Dunkman - contact us for more information.


Namaste, The Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria

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