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Our Pleiadian Aspects...

Dear ones we are here and we see your Pleiadian lights twinkling bright. You see there would not be many people on the earth who wish for this, but that is what makes you awakened Star Seeds so special. You know your family of origin, and with this knowledge, have lived in your mastery before.

There is so much that is not clear for you and we feel that, but we say dear ones with all our heart, some things you are not to know. That some things even if you feel you could understand you, with your human vantage point could not.

These are the ideas that seem to be concepts and far off whimsical things, but are truths to the Pleiadians. And if they came into human knowledge could potentially damage areas of the world where the Pleiadian consciousness is so high.

Uluru is as sacred as Mt. Shasta, but it is so different because the humans cannot live there as easily, so the energies that have been attracted to Uluru are far less than those attracted to Mt. Shasta. So just this simple fact alone, that many thousands of light workers do not travel there every year, creates quite a different energy to Mt. Shasta. Dearest ones, the Pleiadians remain at Uluru, as they do in Mt. Shasta – they are multidimensional, they have never left. And whilst there is not a keeper that you know about, like Adama for Mt. Shasta, there is certainly a tribe of aboriginal people who know the innermost truths, or at least some of them of Uluru.

Dear ones, with open hearts you have been drawn to this area because the Pleiadian consciousness there is so high. You are a free- spirits with good intentions and in time will have your own experiences with the stars. For now, know that there are no mistakes, no coincidences, and everything is in order.

You are awakening the Pleiadian aspects within you by awakening the Lemurian soul within. And dear one to most, the Lemurian soul is what is easily identifiable, and the Pleiadian is not, but it will be. As it becomes widely known that this is the star system that humans were created from, people will reach for and begin to wonder, to ask questions.

As you reach for deeper knowing of your Lemurian soul, you will uncover Pleiadian aspects because you will remember. There does not needs to be a huge awakening for you, one giant moment where anything special happens. This is already happening, but it is spread out over a span of time otherwise you could not digest it.

Reach for the soul from the one, Be the life of the one soul. In hearts and minds, let the mastery live again.


Namaste. The Unity Heart, of the Whales of Lemuria.

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