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Mastering Your Magic

Part 3 Your Lineage of Light Sacred Whale Retreat 2022

There is a school of thought that says Whales are holders of the Akashic Records.

What I know is that they are multidimensional beings put here on earth to guide human awakening and ascension, because our earth is now a planet in ascension.

They are keepers of high vibrational information that help us to live well on New Earth. As spiritual women, living here in our 3D bodies, who in our mastery are accessing the divine every minute of every day.

I know that when I am with the Whales, I am “seen” like I’ve never been seen before. They know me, 100% of me. They just do.

They will know 100% of you too.

Did they record our births in Lemuria? Yes.

Are they working with awakening women today? Yes.

Are these Lemurian women? Yes.

The women of Lemuria, are all the women on the planet today who are awakening into their intuitive and spiritual gifts, and bringing them into their lives in a real and tangible way. Some of us already recognise our light, some have not yet come to know their magnificence.

Is knowing our light easy? NO!

Is living in our mastery easy? Yes, it is the easiest place for us to be, where magic happens for us with our least physical effort.

The Whales have a way of “flipping” this along for us. Whooshing us into knowing our mastery. They offer to do the heavy lifting for us, to help keep us there.

Their invitation is to “Swim in our slipstream, where the waters are clear”.

The reason we manifest amazing experiences / things / emotions after being with the Whales is because they are giant vortexes of energy.

They know us, and they give us direct access to the “God / Goddess" presence within ourselves.

When we are with them, our energy fields are entrained to their energy fields.

We are relaxed.

We deeply release, cry and let go.

We let go of deep longings that we’ve carried throughout our entire physical life, perhaps many of them. And as we let go, our point of attraction is raised.

This is when and this is why amazing experiences manifest in our lives after being with the Whales. Not because the Whales make things happen or because they are Record Keepers, but because through being in focussed joy with them, we find the place within ourselves that is really "home".

Another beautiful spin off is we also realise our capacity to feel bubbling joy, and are entrained to create this feeling for ourselves, at any time. This is mastery.

When we are with them, we are focused on our bliss. In 100% alignment with everything our soul is holding for us to experience.

This is real life magic, and it is ours to know and experience.

With much love and many blessings always.

Letina xo

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