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Portals & The Lions Gate

Dear heart you feel the energies have shifted and your intuition, always heightening, is always correct. Like antenna all over your body have sprung up and out and now paying attention, you feel guided to listen to that intuitive feeling, sinking deeper and deeper into this intuition, until the settling point. And we wish to speak of the shift that you truly felt in the new moon of August. There was a tangible shift. A point where enough energy had been exchanged through the portals between Earth and the Lions Gate that those who were able to and aware, actually felt it. The Lions Gate is a powerful portal of creation where the exchange that happened at this time was unlike any other. Usually the energies are sought by people on earth and received directly by some, including you in the form of a personal transformation that will be later shared with others. But this time the energies were called for in such a strong way collectively, for the good of all, that excess energy has been sent out and is sitting in the atmosphere of Gaia. Benevolent energy is there waiting for you to draw upon it. To crystallise your teachings, to send it to those who need it, to instantly transmute the dark that exists upon your planet. It is there for you and everyone on earth now. Dear one there will become portals visible now to other realms. The portals themselves will be visible because they are being sought. People are actually wanting to connect with their starry heritage and with the energy that creates worlds, and as they are seeking this they will see the portals that exist because the benevolent energy that is blanketing your Earth is now so visible. Dearest one what happens when the visible energies are so clear thick and heavy, is the ones who love to feel it are excited by this and the ones who do not know, and who live and walk in the dark are more uncomfortable. They don't know why or what it is, but they are out of all of their comfort zones, and they resort to the one thing they know which is more bad behaviour. They have no idea about consequence of their actions, conscious behaviour, or the concept of unity. And they take their action from the seed of wanting to divide, wanting to hurt and from greed. And anyone who stands in the way of this greed and false sense of power will be a hindrance that must be stopped.


Namaste. The Unity Heart, of the Whales of Lemuria.

From Letina :

Dearest friends, an additional note to this channel received from our beloved whales... as I received this information about the excess energies available now, just sitting with us on Gaia, I was shown a very large clear area on my property. They were using this as a visual for me to know this is the kind of area they are talking about There are many open spots like this in nature. Places that we feel drawn to sit in and just be. Cleared, and yet protected. When you find one of these places, please sit with intention to bring that beautiful light through you and pass it through to Gaia. Her crystalline grid will gladly receive it and register that we are energetically cleaning ourselves up. When this happens more benevolent energies will be fed back to us from Gaia, and the symbiotic relationship of love and benevolence will continue on and on.

The sooner we do this, more often, and more of us, the sooner Gaia will guide us to a natural Covid solution.

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