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Reach For the Stars...

Believe, believe, believe. You see there are not many who truly answer the call of the whales – and this is an answering too, because they have listened and answered their own heart. The song of their soul. Their very own songline. And the consciousness of that which flows through them that is linked to their own songline stream.

Dear hearts by the larger part of the world’s population it is not considered normal to talk to any animal. But for those who are connected to the stream how could you not? For to answer a calling from a being is to answer a calling from your heart, and the heart calling has listened to the soul, and the soul is the larger part of you that resides beyond the veils when you sleep, or meditate. It is where we are.

By the time the calling, or desire is felt in our heart, this is the physical manifestation of the soul desire. How else can it be? The soul speak manifests itself in your emotions. It pulls you toward it because this is the only way it can reach you. It is with you, yet speaks only through the voice of the heart.

Dearest one your heart calling is your soul talking to you. And because you have listened and answered, has created the energy and movement forward toward a consciousness link and a blend with us, that would otherwise not be.

Dear one when you close your eyes and when you dive deeply with us, you are stepping into a world beyond the veils. This is where we reside even when our bodies are in the ocean. You can visit us here, but only when you are in deep meditation. And the ‘beyond the veil’ is what is pushing the stream to you when you channel. When you are in trance, when you sleep and travel far, you are beyond the veils. We stay there whilst we sleep, swim and cruise. And there are times when we spend more consciousness in our bodies and focused, but most times we carry ourselves with the energy of the stars holding us.

The stars are our original home, as they are yours, and where you will travel back to in your dream state. But they hold us still, they love us, they help us. We will always be in a partnership with them to help bring the human into a balanced state of awareness, a balanced state of being. They are with you also, and not pushing, but gathering, holding the energies of love and care around you until you begin reaching for them.

And when you say ‘yes’ you enable them to send you love, energy and ideas, and it is your soul who does the transmitting. Your soul translates all of that and your heart feels it. And an idea from the heart is much more powerful than an idea from the head. An idea from the heart has emotion and feeling, where an idea from the head is empty.

The timing is perfect now, for those with knowledge of the stars and who have a firm base in their heart space, are bridging the gap between two worlds. You are blended beings. Part earth human, part star being, part manifester, part angel, part fairy, part sea being. All the best of the these blended together creates a human who lives with their as their guidance system. A multi-dimensional being, just like us.

Your multi-dimensional light is the only guiding light you will ever need.


Namaste, The Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

These images record a very personal moment, shared with dear friends. 5am - I was awoken from my dreams by the pull to go outside, and there she was. A magnificent whale playing in this very bay, in these very waters. Right in front of us. I woke my dearest friends, and together we watched her as the new day dawned. She is here in these photos.

That very special pull I am familiar with, and I always listen. It is the tugging of my soul at my heart strings, it is not intuitive guidance but something far deeper, and more knowing than that - and all of sudden, I know who I am.

One more moment of sleeping, and we would have missed her. The voice of your soul will always find a way to speak with you. Have you found a way to listen? xo

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