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Sitting in the Void Space

Two common themes have been so present with light workers over the last few weeks. One is feeling like we are in a void, and the other is channelling that is beginning to happen to so many more of us.

Beautiful souls, part of our awakening journey is to remember that we are not separate from spirit. We are the incarnate version and spirit is discarnate. Spirit doesn't end, it never fades, and the energies that we each call spirit remain with us every single day of our physical lives, and for all time.

All that is, is different for each of us. And remember each one of us is so much more than we know our bodies to be. Through every single life we have lived, our spirit, the spirit with you now has lived with us before. Can you imagine what it has been present with, and what essence it really holds?

Your spirit is the larger part of you. It is pure energy. And you are pure energy. When you want to begin to channel you are channeling an aspect of your own soul - an aspect who has done this all before. The information you will be bringing through is more often an aspect of your soul, or that of your soul group. Not an energy from a far off place who has had no connection with you.

Remember our intentions are to awaken to the fullness that we each can be. And this means including our soul in our plans. Including spirit in our intentions to grow. Stating that you know your spirit / soul/ al that is, is with you on your path, and that you feel and honour the guidance that comes from spirit / soul / all that is and that you are listening.

The mixture of healing modalities and methods you have learnt never causes confusion for your heart and soul, only for your head. There is so much space for growth - it is unlimited. And when you feel your way through to the next space, rather than think it through, you will arrive easily, with divine synchronicity.

The feeling of being in the void. Remember that for those of you who participated in our 5 day Immersion, you will be in a space of integration right now. To liken that to a physical sensation it could be feeling like waiting for something to happen - not being able to start anything new, or complete anything you have started. Maybe a feeling like you know there is something growing, brewing, and you are following the guidance as to the next steps - this is how I am feeling. And I have felt a mixture of all of the above.

Sometimes the void space is not about integrating anything new It is only about feeling for the next steps. This is a lovely, rich space to be in when you know this is your space.To enhance this for yourself you could practice some or all of these ideas:

~ Long baths - warm, epson salts, in quiet with candles. You will be clearing away debris in your energy fields, and clutter in your mind.

~ Walks in nature - unplugged with the intention to see and feel spirit with each glance at something beautiful that catches your eye. And allow the opportunity for spirit to see nature through your eyes.

~ Seeing with your 3rd eye - when your eyes are closed before sleep, or if you are meditating, close your eyes, and note what appears in your 3rd eye vision. With your eyes closed keep your sight on your 3rd eye, and ask for guidance, and see. I call in my guides when my eyes are closed and I am looking to my 3rd eye space.

With much love and many blessings,

Letina xo

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