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Speaking Whale

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

I guess I speak whale. What is your light language?

This footage was filmed by me at our last Sacred Whale Retreat.

At 2.20 mins, see and hear me speak to the whales in my language of light.

Watch and hear their responses through their body movements, and their sound.

They taught me my language of light, and named it "The Language of Lemurian Unity".

Is your language of light beginning to flow? Is it sound, eye or body movements, writing -

or a combination of these different expressions?

When the light began to flow through me in 2018, I was ready. Yet I was still surprised - and totally delighted with the side effects!!

I had been inspired by every spirit connection I'd had over the previous 14 years, and trusted 100% in the pure benevolence of spirit.

When the language came through as a giant wave of energy in my body, it cleared away dusty old patterns so my cells could hold a new light frequency.

As it flowed more and more, I continued to trust this energy, and the more I trusted, the more it featured in my client healings, and all of my circles.

Lovingly reaching new depths, for healing to take place and cellular memories to be activated for the highest good for all.

Sound is energy and a form of light our body can absorb and respond to.

It reaches places we aren't quite able to get to with our thinking mind, and brings more and different light into our cells, that help to gently move us on our ascension path.

I hear from many women that sounds are beginning to bubble up to their vocal chords. Many of them are overwhelmed and embarrassed.

I'd like to share, that here within this powerful circle of heart centered light bearers, is a safe and loving space to share these new expressions of your light.

Our sacred retreats with our beloved Whales are the physical expression of this powerful circle of women, where light and sound freely flow.

Lemurian lifetimes are remembered.

Old sticky patterns are dissolved.

Spiritual gifts are activated.

Is it time for you to know your language of light?

If you are ready to meet the Whales, so they can awaken your light in the most powerful, yet loving and gentle way, book a Clarity Call with me here.

You are all sha-women with important soul gifts to share.

Are you ready to awaken yours?

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