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Sun Rays and Solar Flares

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Dear ones we speak with you about the radiation from the sun, the solar flares and the changes in the sun’s atmosphere now. It is changing dearest ones, and as you know it, you feel it’s heat and bask in the rays. But the kind of heat is changing, the radiation is changing to a kind of ray that will activate in those who are ready for it, a change in their cellular structure, in their cellular DNA.

You see the changes to your DNA will happen over hundreds of years, perhaps even thousands but those who are ready for the change will herald the different human. Those who have already had their babes will become the experienced leaders whose bodies are undergoing the most dramatic changes of all. Those of the leaders who are old may begin to pass so they will be born again quickly, ready to adapt and grow spiritually to maturity at a very early age so they can reproduce again and begin the new wave of humans. But those who are in their childbearing years will begin to birth the humans with the changed structure, more crystalline, finer and more able to hold the earth, the sun and the star energy within their structure. Not only to hold it but to live with it and use the different strengths and frequencies that it gives them.

There are many of you who have already raised children. You need to experience the physical changes within your own body, as you do so you can assist, teach, coach, empathise with others as they experience the growing pains you are experiencing now.

Dearest ones the sun rays and how they filter into your body are critical to help you absorb the crystals, the crystalline energy of the mother Gaia grid. We give you the imagery of the sunlight on the water and the rays going through the water and we say to you that this is a physical example that you can see, of sun rays passing through a physical substance and illuminating everything it touches. And it doesn’t just illuminate, it causes a multi galactic and very old chemistry to form and create something new in the water molecules, it changes its temperature and it also createsa food source for tiny beings from what appears to be nothing. Dearest as you think about these miraculous chemical reactions we ask you to visualise the sun passing into your body and similar chemical reactions taking place.

Your body is more dense, 3D form and it must be that way to protect what is inside. But inside your body, you are 60% and more than that water so dearest one drink and refresh yourself many, many more times than you do. The ability to ascend equals the ability of your body to hold light in it’s cells, the more water you have in your body that holds light, the better your clarity and vision, and the better your etheric connections.


Namaste, The Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

This beautiful photo was taken by Goddess Dianne Dunkman, in the waters of French Polynesia, September 2018.

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