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Unwrapping The Gifts

All is well and in perfect divine order. The flow of the current continues to flow through you. And although the current might have changed, the flow never ceases. But the magic is only what you choose to see at the time. And as you choose to stay out of grief and drama, because nothing is broken, you will see the riches of the gifts that this time will bring.

Dear one there is much insight to be gained from what you find in this situation. And it is not the insight of something new, or new idea, it is merely the fact that you have chosen to look deeply into the fact that insight is actually available and when you do dear heart, and you are, the beautiful pearls will reveal themselves to you. And you will find so much more because you have decided to look for it.

It might feel as if we are leaving, it will sound as if we are still calling. We can be calling you towards another direction dear heart. Another dimension. Let all anticipation go of what it should, would all could look like- let go of what you know. And allow the depth of the Lemurian to reveal itself to you in a new way.

The true magic lies within the external shell of pain. Wrapping something extraordinary if you will allow the wrapping of the pain to fall away and be discarded. Underneath you cannot see what awaits you because it is masked but follow, follow,follow your heart for it is leading you. Follow our call because we are leading you and you will see the true beauty that lies within.

There is a transfer its of energies between middle of the sea and the sky. So it is. It is always happening and now as you sit and write these words you are the conduit.

Yes we are in the sea but we also reside in the stars. Where we are now is where we intended to be at this time. Right here in the ocean for you and others to connect with and be - just be. It is the biggest lesson. Not to strive, not to push, not to drive. Just be.

Dear heart go within to the insights you will feel, hear and see. They are waiting for you. Let go of the final threads to the external and instead retreat inside.

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