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The Brightest Light of our Inner Flame

So all is truly well. Lightworkers are carrying enough light now that the darkness is afraid. And it will stand up and fight, but the light never fights, there is no need for us to fight.

We need to remember that the light inside of ourselves is so much brighter than the light outside. Our inner flame is the brightest light that we have. When we allow it to shine we are allowing the people around us to see our full potential, and for the light of all possibilities to work in our favour.

You are living in the light of all possibilities because you live in the light. And dearest if you decided to forget everything you know and try to live in sleepy normality, you would still always remain in the light. Because light isn't what you do, it is who you are.

Dearest heart you are the light of all potentials combined into one living, breathing temple of love. And as you carry yourself through the day and remember this, you will be a living miracle who witnesses manifestation like you never have before.

Channelled by Letina Russell and The Whales of Lemuria ©


Namaste, the Whale Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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