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The Crystals Within

Dearest ones on your earth plane, when we are with you, may seem like linear time because you put times and dates on things to categorise and make them relatable to others. Dearest hearts, you need not relate anything to another, however your desire to do so is admirable and your intent is strong and secure.

You see, your very being already emanates the vibration.

Your very being is crystalline.

The crystals of your body are reacting and attuning to others as your crystals reach those who have found you, and call them toward you. They truly are like small antenna, millions of them that reach out and find others, and that guide the way for to others to find you. So trust, trust, trust in the unfolding synchronicities as these crystals are powerful transmitters, and this is what you are made of.

If you ever feel so much doubt, that you really feel your three dimensional physicality and nothing else, then remember your crystalline nature. It is you, and other crystalline beings who are waking up now, whose multi dimensional DNA is being turned on.

So dear ones allow your crystals to sparkle. Allow your body to guide you towards what it needs. For when it guides you it is the very crystals that are calling you forward, that also call others to you, and you toward them. Crystalline beings, multi dimensional superhumans, we see you, we share with you this time and as we promised, we guide and lead you so you can guide and lead others.

You are never alone. We are always

with you and gently leading you through the waters you are fearful to navigate.

Allow new information at this time to integrate so you can walk as the superhumans in high health and super consciousness. And here we meld with you. It is here that the mind, heart and soul of the human melds with heart and soul of us, and as we meld with the stars, we carry you to the stars too. Our star beings, with small lights in every cell, we see your light clearly, and encourage you to remember this. This is why you are never alone - because we clearly see your light, and are drawn to your magnificence. You light , your crystals call us like a crystal salt lamp on in a dark room - and we find you.


Namaste, the Whale Unity Heart, of the Whales of Lemuria.

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