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The One "I Am"

Just because it feels like nothing, doesn't make it so. What has happened is that the energies around you that you are discovering, uncovering, allowing into your existence are high, and yet you have acclimated to them now, so you feel normal within this space. You know that when you are in discussion with others, and you reach for words, that everything you say has the core of truth - from your heart, your soul, and your spiritual knowledge. This is all of who you truly are dearest ones.

This is no longer something you are needing to reach for. It has been unlocked from deep within and is now flowing through your body and mind, through your heart and soul as your one truth. The one I am. The one I am.

What this one "I am" is all about, is allowing the God inside to be the guiding light. You are allowing your soul, your Merkabah, your records to flow and guide you further, to be with you in every step you take, every direction you walk, every word you speak and every breath you breathe. Every conscious breath. Every conscious word. And this is so very different from trying to fit, or trying to be someone you are not. It is the integration of all pieces and parts that are making the whole of you seem so very much larger than you ever have been. Yet also so much simpler at the same time.

Dear Lemurian hearts, you are drawing from an Akash that is thousands of years old. And this Lemurian society was old, and existing between 15-17,000 BC. There were many things about it that were not elegant, not smooth. But dearest one that was all smoothed over with the knowledge of the God inside.

Your English words have changed to be about ceremony and this is what you did. There was ceremony after ceremony, ritual and celebration. More than in life today, but always with intent and joyous, even in death, as the love and support and the knowledge of the God inside was always present.

There was never a time when you were alone and seeking. There was never a time when you had low self worth. Can you imagine into this time and space where you were born knowing who you really were? You were born as a powerful creator, a magic maker with God inside, your connection to the stars meant your galactic helpers and heritage was with you and acknowledged, and more than this, you were never alone. Your sisters were with you and the power of the tribal, intuitive, telepathic women surrounded you.

This is what you are finding now. And it is growing, lifting and bringing around you opportunities to step this information out to the world. Feel empowered by the knowledge coming through, as this is how it should be. But imagine now at your current linear age, if you had known this throughout your whole life? The shamanic power would be so awesome, the practices would have been settled and firm. But it is OK to be finding this power now. Because right now is the right time. It is needed now, as the earth is ascending. And this is precisely the reason that before now the information may not have gelled together for you. Because the earth puzzle piece also needed to hold you, and it now does.


Namaste, The Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

Image taken by Letina Russell in Mo'orea, French Polynesia, September 2019

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