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Walking as the Goddess

To walk as a goddess is to be fully seen. To be seen to be who you truly are, and this means being acknowledged for all your strengths, gifts, abilities and beauty.

The Goddess walked proudly. Proud because her life was revered. Without her life, there would be no continuation of life, and without her life in real terms the livelihood and the safety of her people would be compromised. Dearest ones it wasn’t just about where to fish and when, it was forecasting the weather, forecasting seasonal changes, having the knowledge of how to heal the sick and injured. Which times to go into the sea, which times to head high up the mountain. If a child being born was to become a powerful shaman, or a strong leader? Who were the new leaders, when old leaders passed away, or stepped down?

Everything was created in this society using the intuition and the system of divine knowing. They were divine and they celebrated this. They used every single sense they had, and it was so strong. Remember dearest they were the first humans and there were no others close to them so they could not be diluted. The seas were too large to cross into their island chain, so no outside influence could mingle with the Pleiadeans or the Lemurian’s on Mu.

Goddess grids are powerful. They are strong, beautiful and magical. The Lemurian Sisterhood grids celebrate a life, long forgotten, but one that is returning to women all over the world as Gaia comes in to balance, and as the world seeks to become a more peaceful place.

Arise dear Sisters. You are the ones we’ve been waiting for. You are the one’s you’ve been waiting for.


Namaste, The Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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