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Your Lineage of Light

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

At certain times of year, and frequently gatherings were held between the various branches / families / Sisterhoods of Lemuria.

Information was shared, to continue the knowledge base and learning of all on the island.

There were certain teachers who ‘owned’ or were ‘custodians’ of sacred information.

These teachers were assigned the sacred task of living a long life, to ensure the life of the teachings they were entrusted. These ones, who were the Priestesses of the Sisterhood, were the direct descendants of a Pleaidian Star Mother, and these were the ones who were given the opportunity to prolong their lives through rejuvenation. To their own temple of rejuvenation.

Maintaining the sacredness and perfection of the teachings through their family line from generation to generation. To their daughters, and the next generation to the next and the next.

The sacredness of the knowledge was only one part of it. There were gifts that came with this knowledge. The gift of being truly at one with Gaia, that you and Gaia were one living breathing organism. That you lived with, worked with , were interwoven with Gaia. There was no separation between land and people.

Lemurians were land people who felt and knew the Gaia intimately.

Every breath you took was a breath of the land, with the land.

Sunrise and sunset was a deliberate time of sharing back and forth the codes received from the sun rays, and those you would emit to Gaia.

Every time you sat in the moon and star light you received information about the universe and how it affected the land.

With the changing tide, your body water changed.

The women of Lemuria moved through their cycles with the moon, and when bleeding was in sync with the moon cycles, the women were healthy.

You were unified with the land. This is how you taught your daughters and the Goddesses in the Sisterhood this is what you did.

There was cross pollination of information through all the families and Sisterhoods of the island. The different lineages ensured the integrity of their information was maintained. To the women of the Lemurian Sisterhoods the health of their civilisations were paramount .

Teachings were passed on the breath. Every breath was in sync with Gaia. The heartbeat of the earth in sync with your own heart beats.

You knew about the magma. You felt the pulse of the fires. You knew the time was coming to leave, as the island was changing.

Is it you who resonates with this breath of the sacred earth teachings?

What have you been called to pass on?

Who are you passing it to?

Consciously breathe with these questions, and ask to know "Your Lineage of Light".

Channelled by Letina Russell and The Whales of Lemuria © ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Namaste, the Whale Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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