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Your Vibration, Aura and Time Lines

And dear ones we are here, with a process that brings you into your heart right away. Always centering you back in, together with oceanic consciousness and the light of the star beings all around you.

And we speak of the intelligence that is available to all humans. And this, whilst available to all, can really only be accessed by those who are in their heart space and most importantly believe there is something more here for them. And the intelligence is about your body and how it is designed. How clever your body is, and the willingness of your body to partner with you in releasing all blockages, and upgrading the cellular.

You listen to your body when it talks to you. You know what makes it feel good and vibrant and you know what makes it sluggish. And at the time of receiving guidance, it is clear to you that you don't want to feel this way again, so you decide not to eat that thing that makes your body feel unwell. But the memory of this is short-term because when the ideas, the feelings, the situations all come and trigger you, you to want these foods and drinks again. So how do you deepen the in the moment guidance about increasing the good and vibrant feelings?

Dear hearts it is all vibration. So in the moment as you receive that guidance, feel into the vibration of what your emotion and when you understand the vibration, then picture how that looks in your auric field. What colour is it? Is it light or dark? Rainbow, clear, fuzzy or dense? And then do your work to clean up your vibration and aura right then and there. Visualise it, love it, pour love into your very own aura and smooth it lovingly using your hands and your intention.

As you are loving yourself back to optimum health the key is actually taking the time to do this, to tune into your beautiful ora and care for that as much as you do for your physical body that makes the biggest difference. The act of really loving yourself so much that you would try to increase your vibrational frequency is what will clear the patterns of self sabotage, that create any ideas of treating your body anything short of magnificently.

And we say dear ones, the stars hold a frequency that is highly accessible. Your ancestors from the stars can increase their vibration to such a speed where they can shift through time and space. This is the lesson that you can learn today. The denseness of your physical form anchors you here, but the knowledge and the memories of all the days you have spent on earth is what really continues to hold you here. Because there are time slips that you have all been involved with, you just haven't realised what they are, at those times.

Feel into the moments of joy that feel like they fly by, and this is your fast vibration. Feel the moments of dense activity that you do not enjoy that bog you down and make the day pass slowly. These are the moments in time when you stretch or speed up time relative to how you feel. Your vibration controls the time and its relativity to you at any given moment.

Time is a way for humans to focus. And nothing more than that. But it can be harnessed - the time slips can be harnessed. So do look for those moments where you can dive in with joy and love, completing a task and hold that emotion for as long as you can.

You do this with your vibration. Everything is always about your vibration.


Namaste. The Unity Heart, of the Whales of Lemuria.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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