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Whale Wisdom Circles for the Women of Lemuria

By The Lemurian Sisterhood.

About Our Sacred Circles

Something very special happens when women choose to answer the call of their spirit to sacred circle.

The sacred opening is gentle, and delivers lasting transformation.

You are remembering traditions of old, that your heart already knows.

In a loving, safe and supportive environment, you are guided to a deep knowing of your own gifts, and the power that you hold to make great change.

We know that integrating the knowledge, spiritual growth and healing is smoother when sitting in three circles. The loving and supportive network becomes a constant in your life, which allows you to comfortably say YES to your Akashic remembrance..

What Makes Our Circles Sacred?


Monthly Circles

Each circle unique and channelled by Letina Russell of the Lemurian Sisterhood.


Letina is a channel for the Whale Unity Heart, and gathers a very special group of women together to remember the sacred work they did together with the whales in Lemuria.


Sacred Channellings

Every guided meditation is channelled for each circle, creating exactly the right healing, and transformation that each woman is seeking.

These quantum mediations are guided by the Whale Unity Heart, and will meet you exactly where you are on your awakening journey.


Lemurian Light Language

The sacred and ancient Language of Lemurian Unity, will awaken your original Lemurian soul gift.

When you hear this language for the first time, your Lemurian Akash will begin to unfold, and evoke soul memories of your time in Lemuria.

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Knowing the Lemurian Goddess within you

Do you know that you chose to live as an awakening woman right now during the time of Gaia's ascension?

You are now poised on the precipice, sharing your light of the divine feminine, and bringing balance into our world.

Preistess, Goddess, Shawoman. Mother, Teacher your light is needed right now.


Learn what that Lemurian light feels like, and embrace your role as a Goddess of Lemuria.

Female starseeds... old souls... These sacred circles have been created for your Lemurian Remembrance

Have you ever wondered about your role in Lemuria?

Do you find yourself asking "Was I really there?"

Why is it that some women know their spiritual life purpose so clearly?

Why am I so connected to the whales and the dolphins?

I have also asked myself these questions. But once I said yes to the calling of my soul, the synchronicities began to flow and my Akashic remembrance flowed with them.

These Women's Whale Wisdom Circles for the Women of Lemuria will help you connect to the real life magic of your own Lemurian Akashic Remembrance.

You will know you are truly in the right place, at the right time.

Learn to feel the language of your Lemurian Akash, and prepare to meet the Goddess within.

Feel the love and connection of your Lemurian soul family around you forever more.


  • 67$

Either purchase a single circle for $27 or 3 for $67.
For the 3 event purchase, you will be able to login and register for any of the upcoming dates.



We specialise in holding scared soul spaces, retreats, workshops and gatherings for women.

Here is some feedback from our clients.

When I started with Awakening with The Whales I didn't know what to expect, and the idea that looking at a drawing (Symbol) could do something for you was out of my reality, but now I can say with certainty that I have benefited from the Invocations you gave us. 

There has been a shift within me and i wasn't aware of it at the time but looking back that was the beginning of a new paradigm for me. 

Through the invocations I feel more grounded as a person and I'm learning to love all of me the 'good and the bad' while knowing that I am part of something much bigger. I feel that so much has changed for me since I started working with you.

Since we started working with the invocations I feel new abilities which I didn't know about peeping in, because every time you channel I also feel this energy coming up and my hands making certain gestures accompanied with singing in a foreign language or humming. Showing me that it is OK to love and to just be myself.


And for the 1st time I feel valued for it ... 

Angel. T

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