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Answering the Soul’s Calling …

Heart to heart, soul to soul. You have been led by your soul's calling to seek us and to seek the essence of us. And now you have found a place for us in your heart and in the hearts of thousands and thousands across Gaia.

Dearest one, through your heart based responses you have brought our love and guidance to many who are seeking to find their way to us, just as you did. And all because your soul calling allowed you to follow your heart, and your heart is always in truth to you.

Your heart represents the soul. Always trustworthy.

You can always trust the guidance of your heart and humans feel it is more a part of you than your soul, even though your soul is now and has always has been with you through so many thousands of lives you’ve lived. The heart is something you feel, is tangible, it is the same with everyone.

But heart and soul work together - the pair that create the direction of your specific healing and your specific spiritual growth.

As your heart is the connector, your soul is the bridge. Your heart is what brings you in, and anchors your thoughts, feelings, and ideas into this life. Your soul carries what you need from one time to another, and from one lifetime to another.

Channeled by Letina Russell and The Whales of Lemuria ©


Namaste, the Whale Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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