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Solutions from the heart in 2024.

Have you ever wondered if people will ever begin to seek heart based solutions first?

If so, you aren't alone!

I hope this year, 2024 with the addition of the Dragon energy (which is a spiritual star known as the "Gate to Heaven" in Chinese Astrology) from Feb 4, will help people find their own heart based flow.

With the largest hearts on the planet, the love based wisdom from the Whales comes in many shapes and sizes.

The Lemurian Unity Invocations ©, "Hakea Inopo ©" teaches us that to fully heal, from even the deepest wounds we carry, we must bring them to the very centre of our sacred hearts, and let shine light upon them.

Surfacing fear often prevents us from peeking at painful inner feelings so we prefer to just leave things as they are.

This does make some sense, especially if we feel we are doing this alone.

Normally we would seek the guidance of an energy worker, a member of our soul tribe, perhaps a counsellor to help shift through the many layers of hurts and pains.

Layer upon layer can be peeled away, and still we might not be able to transmute the energy from the very source.

But there is another way - super gentle, never confronting, ultra healing.

The "Hakea Inopo ©" a gift full of love, compassion and wisdom from our beloved Whales.

This is the second of twelve Lemurian Unity Invocations © that we attune to in preparation for our Sacred Whale Swimming Retreats.

It allows our vibrations to gently acclimate to the pure love vibration of the Whales.

Will you make 2024, the year that you seek your heart based wisdom first?

Read more about the Hakea Inopo below and feel how it instantly shifts you into your heart centred flow.

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