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In Shallow Waters, Tasmania.

My Dearest Whales I am here and feel specifically today to ask for our brothers and sisters whose physical lives ended in Tasmania. And dear one we are here and have felt the bringing together of all these points on the grid to cover the sadness as perceived by you on your planet, and especially on the land that you live in.

Dearest heart we want you to remember that your point of view of death is not the same as ours. We live. They live. Because we live and continue to live there is no ending to be associated with pain or trauma. Imagine... if only you knew that the end of a physical body, of any being was peaceful. Surely there is some discomfort at some time, and physical symptoms do accompany that discomfort. But very, very soon, the bodily symptoms are no longer felt, as they are being called by a higher source, their higher source, their star families, to come back home again.

Their souls are fulfilling a need on earth, and they have a consciousness about this. It was not done unconsciously. So they have an awareness that is at the driving force of what they do. And this awareness means they chose to be there, in those shallow waters, and end their physical lives that way.

What good is a large number of mammals stranded to end their lives like that, we hear you ask? Dear one remember that the system of the soul doesn’t translate now to 400 lost souls wandering without their bodily counterparts. What it means is there is a strong and loving benevolent energy that is composed of the collective souls of those creatures, that is now collecting wisdom and benevolent energy in a different way. So now the consciousness of those, is back beyond the veil, and back into the blend of creation energies where it will deliver love, compassion, healing, and a heart based knowing for those who need it. And this is exactly what the plan was.

Dearest one how many of you watched? How many of you felt? How many of you cried and experienced an awakening of the heart? Yes there were many already tuned in and turned on who still felt the pain, and there were so many more who were touched and healed by helping the beings who were stranded there in the shallow waters.

Yes there were physical reasons it happened here in your country, and in those waters. The beings were there, the need was there, the waters were right, and yes the grids of the planet had shifted.

And now they have shifted again.

If you measure the Schumann Resonance, you will see that the energetic spike was high, the compassion and outpouring of love was such that a giant explosion of energy could be measured at that point of time.

It is not that they gave their lives so others could be healed. It is not that simple. Their physical lives ended and this has resulted in a heart opening for many, that is true. In partnership with Gaia this was designed. In partnership, a beautiful synchronistic event that points to Gaia's grid changing. A marker that shows you where to look for clues that the consciousness of earth itself is a moving, growing, alive being. That there is such a thing as the crystalline grid of this planet that feels, that stores human energy - human consciousness - and it can be measured by the Schumann Resonance. Take a look.

Deart heart, Gaia is with you in partnership as she ascends. You are doing this together. In some way, the souls of those whales that left their physical bodies are now available, have merged with other souls in the soup of creation and in the spirit of ascension, to help the souls incarnated on earth in their physical human bodies, to be moved along on their ascension path.

Those of you who love us, some of you already know there is no death, and we remain in consciousness when we are in our bodies, just as when we leave our bodies. It is the same for you. But whilst we are in our bodies, we always have a strong connection to source, it never lessens, where you have specifically come here to earth to remember yours. This is our mission. To be here, to see you, to help you remember.

Can you see now? It is quite simple, It is based in love and compassion and benevolence, and in partnership with Gaia and the people of her earth. The human souls were triggered by the creatures in those waters. Those who needed that experience to fulfill a life partnership, a life plan, a story they had set in motion for themselves. A contract if you like, that they would learn from in this life. Perhaps time was moving along for them, and they needed that lesson now. And what better way?

So nothing is broken. Nothing is sad. Nothing needs to be changed. Lives were touched. Lives were changed and massive growth has occurred because of it.

Gaia had planned and partnered with the benevolent and loving souls of these creatures to create the environment for great movement along her path to ascension. And ascension shifted that day. The grid has recorded it, and it will be shown. It could only have been done with living counterparts here on the earth who could anchor that love, with the vibration of healing and connection here on the planet. Those whales.

Dearest you know the effect on your body, on your heart and soul from being close to us. The experience that these people have had has been completely life changing. They will never be able to go back to who they were, doing what they were doing before that moment. Because of this Gaia’s crystalline grid has shifted, and because of the combined effort of all souls involved, incarnate and discarnate, ascension has been further assured.

It is with love and compassion that we leave you today and say in gratitude for your asking, and in willingness to bring through this message of awakening, we remain always with you.

One heart, one soul, one mother,

One consciousness, one Gaia.

One people, one whale.

One heart at a time.


Namaste. The Unity Heart, of the Whales of Lemuria.

Photo by Bart van Meele on Unsplash

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