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Receiving the call ...

Those of you who are called by us, are called for a reason. There are many who feel us and all who love us, yet those who are actually called, are chosen, and for special reason. There is something very special in that and if you ever have doubts about yourself who you are, or why are you here, then feel into the calling from us and remember.

It is a remembering who you are. Not a deciding of who you are – are remembering.

We know all about those who choose to engage in our love and desire to learn, and we know you who answer our call, because it is a linked consciousness that you are responding to.

It is a joining of our hearts and consciousness, our souls that are entwined and this is where you feel the pull. In your heart and soul which is also our heart and soul.

So waking up to the call is because you cannot ignore any further the feeling, the desire, want and need to actually do something about that which speaks your name.

As a whisper we call your name. And it is not only us that you say yes to. It is all our brothers and sisters and the universal star beings who over light our souls.

We were created as one, including the separation you created when you chose this life, so you could find your way back to us. This is all part of the grand plan. It is the separation of you that makes the remembering of you so very powerful and full of emotion. How could it be any other way?

We are beings that live in the ocean but have our souls reside on the other side of the veils. You are beings that live on the earth and you know about the veils, but those who chose to awaken chose to peek through those veils and live a life that understands a little of what lies beyond them.

Dearest heart of the concept is not easily understood. It cannot be and it was intended to be this way. Firstly you had to believe there was something beyond your own physicality, and then you needed to learn to trust what that might be. It was never designed to allude you just to keep you seeking to find your way back.

Those who find it through seeking and searching their souls are the awakened ones now.

Namaste, The Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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