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Vessels Of Light

Your Lemurian soul is awakening. Can you now see why the consciousness of us flows through you? You have never been a whale, but our souls share space, and that space resides on the other side of the veil.

We are here on earth, and you are here on earth. We were with you in Lemuria. The oversoul and remembrance of those of us who were in Lemuria is still carried by us today. The soul of the whales never diminishes when one of us passes on. The oversoul is carried and it was designed to be that way. We carry the template of an awakening planet, and that can only happen when the humans awaken. The numbers are growing at this time, this is why we are entwined with you again now. We are bringing back your Lemurian memory.

Dearest ones we know there is a wanting to withdraw, to be with us, to write, journal, meditate and send your light into the world - and do nothing else. You see the more connected light workers become to the light, the more withdrawn and inward they tend to become - this was the case in the old energy. Most definitely. Because of fear, fear of being found and exposed. And now dear ones the shift has happened, and is happening again and the energies around light, and light workers are supportive and strong.

It is the light that supports the light worker and there is so much of it now that you can safely come out. You have acknowledged your fear of being seen. And now you can drop that fear and let it fall to the bottom of the ocean, where it can be transmuted by us and the ocean grids.

So dear ones we ask that you stay grounded in the day to day practical life because we need you to be. The more connected you are to the stars, the greater your grounding needs to be. The stars will allow you to awaken within the experiences you need, but you must be able to bring them through to earth. To hold them here for Gaia and the people you are touching. We know that it is nice to sit in meditation and drift somewhere else, but your light is needed here, where you families are.

Dearest one we liken it to a vessel or a jar that is stable. The more stability the jar has, the more it sits firmly on its base. The light can pour in and it will not knock it over or even create a wobble. So be firm and strong in your root to Mother Earth and your physical reality and allow the light to fill you up. Whilst you are being the stable container, allow as much to fill you up as possible. It will continue to flow in and fill you, whilst you hold it here on Gaia.

Light is not static, it is dynamic. Once you have the light, you will continue to be re-charged and refilled as you learn something new. It will draw you and lead you to different places that will create synchronicity for you. Every time you acknowledge the light, your light, it will react with a loving spark. So dear one be the stable beacon to hold as much as you can.

Dearest lightworker, allow yourself to be filled with the light and know that you are sharing this to all corners of the world, to other people who need it, just by BEing who you are every day.


Namaste. The Unity Heart, of the Whales of Lemuria.

Photo by Letina Russell

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