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Sound Bathing in Whale Song

What surprises could be in store for us today?


After the magnificent time we’d had on Day 2, some of our retreat participants felt like they’d experienced all that could ever be offered, and chose to engage with the Whales from the rear of the boat. 


What we had experienced was so super special, incredible on every level. What more could we want? 


As an intuitive facilitator of sacred space, I understand the energy that comes with sound.


Bathing in the Whale song is the most cleansing, refreshing reset I can give myself. And I do this - I actively seek it out every year -  so I can reset my body, and clear my energy fields as no land based practice can. 


We dropped our hydrophone into the water to listen to the Whales singing and we heard around 9 whales, each with a very unusual and equally exquisite song. 


On this day, late in the afternoon as we were heading home, the signing was so loud, and so close to us that their song was heard through the hull of our boat. We heard them without a hydrophone. 


This was the perfect time for a reset, a deep cleanse, a shake down!


Holding sacred circle in the water to the whale song has been a dream of mine. I believe, a remembrance from long ago. I always felt the possibilities of this, but  never knew the how, what or when.


I became super present to the role I was playing in my own virtual reality segment. I had created this for myself, like we all do - we all create our experiences for ourselves. 


We entered the water, and floated in a circle formation, each holding the hands of our sisters. The bond, the love, and the remembrance we shared, flooded my being.  


As the whales sang for us, anything that dulled our sparkle was shaken from our energy fields. 


The light codes from the sun, the sound healing from the Whale’s song, and the crystalline waters merged in our sacred heart space at that moment. 


Their enormous promise to meet awakening women exactly where they are, to give them exactly what they need for their journey was once again fulfilled.

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