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The Magic of our Sacred Circles ✨

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

"In every single space, we are all equals." One of the beautiful aspects of joining a circle is the gift of time, and sacred breaths you give yourself permission to experience.

The guidance we are providing, and receiving emphasizes the importance of mutual accountability along our shared journey. We support each other in staying on track, especially when doubts arise.

We may have been through numerous experiences together in the past, but it is important to truly grasp the significance that the women that gather together now, have never encountered this particular situation in this lifetime, in this way.

By saying yes, and intentionally joining together in circle to uplift, grow and heal ourselves and each other, we are pushing the boundaries of consciousness and energy. The boundaries of 'all that is' - that have never been moved in this way before.

This is the power of our Sacred Circles.

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