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The Whales' Amazing Reveal

Part 1 from Your Lineage of Light Sacred Whale Retreat 2022

Weaving and retrieving, and trusting in the divine flow quickly came into our awareness during our Sacred Whale Retreat in August 2022. And the number 3. became a repeating theme throughout our retreat.

Being ready to share some of our experiences has taken, in human terms, many months. Although I trust in the divine flow, in synchronicity and believe everything is ordered by divine right timing.

Our retreats are sacred gatherings. I have been mindful to allow the experiences of our guests, and for me too, to percolate and integrate. Indeed, this time the integration has taken longer than usual, although it felt easier in some ways - perhaps due to the aspect of linear time.

We gathered with the whales in August 2022, although the non physical work began months earlier, as intentions were set, and we formed our pod’s energetic imprint that the Whales' came to know, and recognise.

Looking back, I know when the Whales' began bringing us together - as they always do. They gather the right for the highest spiritual expansion and unfolding of the group. And that began around Christmas time 2021.

Throughout 2022, I was following undeniable guidance to go into the quiet. I didn’t know what that meant. Slightly uncomfortable, because as you know our businesses rely on social media, and mine did not have a presence.

Because I listened, what I received was far more than I could have ever imagined.

It began with the dolphins in Hawaii, teaching me about my own energy signature, and how they recognise it.

And it culminated with the whales in QLD, an outpouring of their love and attention, and bathing us in continual song for hours, over three days with them. Recognising our energy imprint, and providing confirmation of that, over and over and over.

The gifts.

The love.

The support.

Their conscious, loving attention.

Their acrobatics.

Their songs.

Their bubble bath.

Leading our captain to say:

“I take people to swim with whales.

Never before have I seen whales coming to swim with humans.”

One of my favourite images from our retreat - I hope you also love it ... one very relaxed whale with two playing in the background.

Namaste - Letina xo

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