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The Whales Really Know You. They Love You.

Part 2 from Your Lineage of Light, Sacred Whale Retreat 2022.

When we start the day with dolphins, I know it’s going to be special.

There is something about being in full trust and surrender on the ocean - there is also nothing else to do except remain in full trust and surrender.

With my whole heart, and in 100% trust, I believe that our beloved whales had locked onto our energy signature, and were waiting for us to meet them.

The dolphins firstly led us to Orca’s - about 60 of them - feasting on some large fish. Orcas come into the bay around twice each year.

The Orca’s first came into my awareness in June 2022. At that time we felt into their vibration, received the lessons they offered us, and brought them into our pod’s Sacred Circle. So when we physically found them - (they found us) - I knew our grid was filling in.

There is always the human aspect of us that holds our breath and questions "What if the whales don’t come"? That is normal / old energy practice / but still normal. The Whales’ teach us patience on the 3D level, and remaining in trust, flow and synchronicity from our multidimensional mastery.

The Whales were looking for us - they were seeking the encounter with us as much as we were with them. We know this now, everything is easy to see after the fact.

When they found us, three whales graced us with their presence for what felt like hours in the ocean. It was about 40 mins, but time felt like it stood still. We were still, we were 100% present with these 3 whales.

We experienced quantum time with them. In my experience, every minute spent in their energy fields is equivalent to 10 years of spiritual growth. We were opened to the stars. Weaving and retrieving light and information, and sharing this with our Whales.

What I know is intentionally being with the Whales brings us into our “receiving mode”.

We let go of all resistance.

We let go of who we think we are.

We let go of attachments to time and space.

We let go of our to do lists.

We receive:

Their energy gifts;

Their downloads;

Their messages;

Their assistance;

Their love;

Their compassion for our journeys.

We are transformed.

I call in our galactic families, and our Pleiaidan Star Mothers to join our retreat and guide any transmissions and meditations ... this cloud ship below, from my balcony on Tuesday evening.

If you'd like to experience this in 2023 - book a call with me here.

With much love and many blessings,

Letina xo

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