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We Are Sacred Ones

Dearest ones you are sacred. You are the sacred ones. We are the sacred ones.

Inside you is a temple. Your body is a living temple of love it is true. Yes the sacredness comes from within. Being that sacred divine human, there is still work to be done to allow the next level of birthing. The next level is a deepening, a clearing, but at the same time a growing, a learning.

This is the key...when you release, you learn, and when you learn, you grow. And the growth is enormous at the moment because you are ready, because your soul has led to you here, and because your human has also asked for it.

The soul, the higher self is like the version of your human that you dream of. And the separation between them is the pain you feel.

So the growth, the learning, the shedding is the catching up of your human to your highest self, soul.

Dearest ones, you are growing, shedding, emptying out. And you know about this, you know to allow it, so you can talk about it, understand and teach it.

It is one thing to be pulled to growth and not to go, it is another to be pulled and to grow. It is yet another to be pulled, to consciously go, to allow the shedding albeit painful, and then to journal about it.

This is a beautiful growth of the soul where the lessons can be felt, understood and then shared.

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