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Whale Unity Heart... What On Earth Is Happening?

And dear one we are here and we say on earth, but not in escrow. On earth but not in vibration. On earth but not in the stars. And the current timeline of the current Earth is able to be changed. So where you choose to focus your attention right now is the timeline you will continue living on.

How do you do it? How do you change timelines? You think it is harder than it really is. You think the idea of time jumping is reserved for some special alchemist. No. It is available now, and not just available, it is happening all the time, with everyone. And there is no awareness of actually what this means, or what this results in.

You are doing it now.

The moment you stop, breathe, take a pattern interrupt you are changing your timeline. And this is why the feeling of being so lonely, alone, far away from us occurs. Because precisely what you've done is merge onto the timeline that feels low and “bad” for you. It is not exactly low, but the vibration is certainly different from what you prefer, and that feels off to you.

Dear one, the timeline is not about doing. Changing timelines is about feeling your way there. Feel, feel, feel. Not do. So feel your way to a place that feels like you have space, beautiful surroundings, high vibrational people, joy-filled things to do, nourishing food, nature to spend time in – feel it, and then the essence of that will continue to show itself to you.

And we remind you that timelines can collapse if you focus on the feeling place of what you want. The feeling of a place of health and an abundance of well-being, never of fear.

The feeling of least resistance in every moment.

Channelled by Letina Russell and The Whales of Lemuria ©


Namaste, the Whale Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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