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Whale Wisdom Unveiled: The Divine Messenger's Arrival

Dear whale lovers and soul family,

Our 2023 Sacred Whale Retreat has finished, and we are back on land, with all the deep feels, lessons, and love that the whales have graced us with.

Yes, we are the ones now tasked with integrating the experiences into our sacred hearts, so we can live, love and lead knowing our divinity, and ability as master creators on our earth. 

It’s not necessarily simple - but memories of our graceful, compassionate whales make it easier to remember. 

We knew this would happen before our retreat began… the Whales too knew who was coming, and what would be taken in to be shared to our families, friends and loved ones, to create a loving and compassionate world, one person at a time. 

The Whales always told me our theme was “Perfection in the Pod”. Now I have clear vision of how everyone was handpicked, and we each represented the spokes of the wheel to perfection. 

Our 5 day sacred retreat includes 3 days of being immersed with our beloved Whales in the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. 

Early on our first day on the water, we received this Mother Whale who heralded what was to come. So peaceful and calm, enormous, she just hung there, resting with us at the back of our boat.

In hindsight, she held us on her back, safely in the water for the entire three days, as we acclimated to what was required of us. 

On this first day, she delivered deep information we each received into our hearts, as a divine transmission. 

Her gigantic energy field personally delivering to each of us a remembrance, a reminder, a promise that allowed the bubbling up of deep information from within us, to continue without any fear. 

She knew the path that each of us chose to tread, and delivered on the Whales’ promise to meet every awakening woman exactly where they are. 

As we deeply care about the Whales and the oceans they live in, we hung there with her - allowing her to BE with us for as long as she wanted. We honoured her and showered her with our love, and excitement. Aware, and yet blissfully unaware of of just how life changing her visit would actually be.

Choosing to share her breath with us for so long, affirmed for me how we create with our intentional sacred breath. A sacred practice featuring in all the Whales’ teachings, and into every sacred circle. 

As always, they continue to teach:

BEing heart centered;

BEing responsible for our own truths;

BEing intentional with every breath and word;

BEing the multi dimensional creator we came here to be and 

TRUSTING in the divine flow.

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