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Your Sacred Conscious Breath

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Lemurian Unity Invocations "Mikayo Oranai" and our Sacred Whale Retreats.


During the Lions Gate Portal in 2017, I was swimming with five whales who encircled me, and catapulted me into the darkness of the quantum field, where I landed in the spiralling grey eye of a Grandmother Whale.

She was ancient, with a very long rostrum, which looked something like a

short elephant trunk.

My guidance showed me this is how the whales used to look before the Pleiadians arrived on earth > before they seeded the Whales > before they seeded the humans living at that time.

In her grey spiralling eye, I received the first of 12 Lemurian Unity Invocations -

the Shiel El Il, the Universal spiral.

"Mikayo Oranai", is number 10 of these Invocations, and I share a little

about it below.

Working with Mikayo Oranai on our Sacred Whale retreats, and in our private classes, we remember that every breath is conscious, and we share this breath with the whales.

We breathe from our sacred heart, and broadcast our intentions,

energy and light. They receive it.

With Mikayo Oranai, every single breath is conscious and every breath matters.

Your breath is causing energy to travel up through your body to your crown.

Use every breath to consciously move the energy up and down your column of light - your spinal column - flowing it through all your energy centers.

You are broadcasting a signal and calling others into your space.

Mikayo Oranai encompasses the ripple effect of your healing, of your words, of your intentions, and of your actions.

Standing in your full light, and broadcasting that into time and space.

From your feet that are grounded on Gaia to your open crown chakra, breathe upwards and store the breath at the top of your head.

Mikayo Oranai

During our Sacred Whale Retreats, 12 women only will be initiated into the Invocations beginning May 2023, culminating at our in person retreat in August.

Journey with me to the secret heart of the whales. Unlock your spiritual superpower so you can live, love and lead from your sacred heart.

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